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Adobe buys Oculus Medium VR Tool From FaceBook

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Oculus Medium is a VR sculpting tool used to create films, gaming, etc. It lets users create, draw, and model in a VR environment. As of now, Medium works only on Oculus Rift. The medium released on December 5th, 2016. Following the release of the app in 2016, a significant update of the software was first brought in 2018 and then in 2019. Oculus Medium was initially the product of FaceBook.

Adobe buys Oculus Medium

VR or Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a virtual or stipulated environment. The environment so created is entirely different from the real world. Virtual Reality finds its applications in many areas such as education(medical, personnel training) or entertainment (playing games, watching movies).

Other forms of technology related to VR are Augmented Reality or AR and mixed reality. AR uses real-world objects to create an image of them to provide the user with a simulated experience.

The current standard of VR technology uses VR headsets, which can mount on the head such that its screens are right in front of eyes to create the stipulated environment for the user. Another method to create a stipulated VR environment is to use Multi – projected environments and use sound and visuals to enhance the user’s presence in the stipulated virtual environment.

These multi-projected environments cane create with the use of specially designed rooms consisting of multiple large screens and highly upgraded sound devices.  A person who is in the stipulated environment can look around the virtual world and interact with its objects.

Adobe Oculus Medium FaceBook

 Adobe, which is one of the world’s leading software creation companies, has bought FaceBook’s Oculus Medium. Oculus Medium 3D VR, too used in making films and video games. Facebook bought it in 2004 for $2B. With Medium, users can create 3D models, draw and simulate the action in VR.

Also, this sale deal between FaceBook and Adobe indicates that FaceBook is gradually focusing on the VR projects it creates.

Adobe Inc. is an American company that specializes in the production of computer software. It headquartered in California. Initially, the company concentrated on the creation of multimedia software products, but as of now, it also creates digital marketing software.

Oculus Medium VR Tool 

Some of the products of Adobe commonly used are Adobe flash(use of Adobe flash enables users to create animations and videos on the web), Adobe Photoshop(a popular photo editing software),  and Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader( which reads PDF files known as portable document format).

Medium, while announcing the sale on December 6th quoted that, “Adobe is one of the world’s leading software creation companies and Adobe thrived on providing the best VR and 3D products”.

The company further says that while Medium joins Adobe, it strengthens the Medium’s future in the market along with bringing the new talent to Adobe. Medium also told that following this merger, there will be many advancements and upgrades in the upcoming month. As though there are no changes as such.

Users having the Oculus VR system will have Medium for free. Adobe’s 3D and immersive content head Sebastien Deguy says that Medium will be an add on for Adobe’s existing apps for 3D creation and reformation. In the beginning, Medium launched as an art tool, but further, it used by game developers and other ideal people.

Adobe aims at preserving the community currently using Oculus Medium. It makes sense in the field of VR. VR community has very fewer people using it. These small numbers of people are only responsible for knowing and for using VR products such as Oculus Medium.

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