Apple’s Software fix for popping sound

Apple Software Plans To Fix 16- inch MacBook Popping Sound

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Apple Software  – Do you also hear a popping sound whenever some audio stops playing on your 16-inch MacBook Pro? If yes, then no, you are not insane. Everyone has the same issue. Other users have reported the same problem as well. It is approximately a month after the release of a 16-inch MacBook Pro the users have claimed a bug.  They have reported hearing a pop sound when some audio stops playing. Same they experience with YouTube, Safari, etc. Apple has now seen what the issue is and plans to fix the bug.

Apple Software Fix 16- inch MacBook Popping Sound

According to an internal document released by Apple Authorized Service Providers, the company has shared some relevant vital details. The apple confirms that there is no issue in Hardware, but the problem is in software.  So to fix it, Apple would be releasing a software update. The company has advised people not to replace their laptops or get it repaired as the Hardware is excellent, but the real problem is with the software. We don’t know when the company would be releasing the software update, but it will be releasing some time real soon.

The company has not told us about the real issue.  However, the investigation is being carried on, and users with top-tier MacBook Pro will be required to update the macOS Catalina. In an official memo released by the company, Apple said “Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, QuickTime Player, Movies, or other apps to play audio, users may hear a pop come from the speakers after playback has ended,” also it stated that the issue is with the hardware. It requested the users not to give their devices for repairing or for replacement. The company would fix the bug and provide the update shortly.

Apple’s Software fix for popping sound

As the company tends to fix this bug soon, don’t let this stop you from buying the MacBook Pro 16-inch edition. Users except this popping sound have found the device to be reliable. This edition is not only the most powerful one, but it’s the best one by Apple. Apple has eventually heard its users and the criticisms by tech Gurus and finally came out with this fabulous edition of MacBook. If you have the money for it, it is one of the best laptops in the market as of now. Apple has rejuvenated the MacBook and came up with such facilities that one could not have imagined.

Fix 16- inch MacBook Popping Sound

This 16-inch edition of Apple comes with a large screen, which was not so common in its previous versions. Previous editions MacBook pro came with keyboards that had butterfly switches with it. Many users have reported a problem with it. The 16- inch edition replaces the butterfly switches with the scissor switches which come with iMac. This edition not only solves the issue of the old keyboards but also helps to provide the MacBook with a skinny and sleek design. Also, in this keyboard, they have increased the critical travel to 1mm. The higher the essential journey, the more responsive the keyboard is. Because of this tremendous necessary travel, it is much fun to type on the MacBook. It is the best keyboard ever used on MacBooks.

Further internal upgrades like the use of 7nm AMD Radeon  Pro 5000m gives the MacBook an excellent ability to work on the graphic related functions such as video editing. Also, we can configure this new edition up to 64GB RAM, and it comes with storage of up to 8TB. There are many pros of this 16-inch edition than the cons.

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