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AT And T hides its slower home internet speed from test results

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One of the world’s largest telecommunication giant, American Telephone and Telegraph Company or AT and T. It is a renowned name in the field of mobile phone industries and telecommunications since its establishment in June 2014. AT and T is the largest provider of static telecommunication services, as well as the services for mobile phones in the United States of America.

AT And T hides internet speed 

Warner Media, a multinational conglomerate of entertainment and mass media, owned by the telecommunication giant. AT and T is the largest company in the world in the field of entertainment and mass media. Also, the fact that it is the owner of a multinational conglomerate makes it the largest Company of mass media and entertainment. Also, in terms of revenue generation. In 2018 AT and T ranked number 9 among the list of top 500 largest corporations of the USA in terms of revenue.

  • Tactics to hide slower home internet speed

As per the report prepared after an investigation conducted by the Wall Street Journal. It reported that AT and T do not wish the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to measure the speed of AT and T’s home internet. The AT and T requested the FCC not to include the result in the annual report.

AT And T

The owner of the multinational conglomerate has even denied the SamKnows speed test. It conducted by the FCC to test internet speed. AT and T have gone to such an extent that it also asked FCC to exclude its speed results from satisfied DSL reviews. Based on the report of Measuring American Broadband from the previous year. The testing equipment of SamKnows used to generate reports for Measuring American Broadband. As these equipment installed in more than thousand of households across the United States of America.

The results generated by a government conducted a test for measuring the speeds of the internet. Therefore, the company requested the FCC to exclude the unappreciated data of the result from the report of DSL internet services.

AT And T hides Slower internet speed from Results

The Federal Communications Commission established and began the program of Measuring American Broadband during the time of President Obama. It was a measure to keep a check on whether customers were getting the proclaimed internet. A comparison made between the claimed speeds of internet consumers promised to receive with the actual speed of the internet.

Till the year 2016, annual reports generated and handed over to FCC. But the flow broke since 2017 when the new Chairman Ajit Pai appointed to the post. Against its law of annual report, the FCC did not release the data result report for the year 2017. Then at the end of the year 2018, a compiled report for both the years 2017 and 2018 released as the report for the communications marketplace.

The result of AT and T, which FCC produces, is entirely biased. The AT and T result report has two separate categories. One for its oldest services for DSL while, on the other hand, it has AT and T’s IP broadband based on DSL.

The internet speed provided by AT and T’s oldest DSL services is 82% of the claimed service. It provided to the customer while the gear supplied by IP broadband based on DSL is 100% as promised to the customers. The report generated by the Federal Communications Commission only features the IP broadband based on DSL services. Which are the better part of the company’s performance, and the worst result performance kept undercover?

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