Eating Chilies Reduces The Risk Of Death From Heart Stroke

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Chilies can do wonders for your health. Yes, you heard it correct.  The spice which you commonly use in your household to provide a spicy and a lavish taste to your food, it can prevent a heart stroke. The delicious spice has other benefits to enhance your health. The spice not only adds flavor to your food but also protects you from cerebrovascular problems.

Eating Chilies Reduces The Risk Of Death 

These problems prevent the flow of blood to the brain leading to seizures and aneurysms. For years, chilies have been in discussion for their therapeutic properties. Apart from chilies, turmeric has also been a hot potato in spices. Its healing properties, among many of its benefits, has been in discussion.


Scientists say that eating chili for years prevents the risk of stroke and seizure. They researched in Italy. The study of the same published in a journal. A majority in Italy eats chili as a part of their diet. Scientists conducted the research on 23,000 people out of which some are chili, and some did not.

The participants of the study monitored for eight years. As a result of the study, it found that people who ate chili at least four times a week suffered from 40% less heart stroke chances. The journal, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, says that the heart stroke risk more than halved amongst the people who had chili in their diet.

Bonaccio, an epidemiologist who was also the lead author of the study, says that the risk of heart stroke was decreased irrespective of diet people followed. It means that it doesn’t matter if the people followed the Mediterranean diet or a less healthily diet; the protection factor for all of them is present for those who include the chili in their diet. The research sourced its data from the Moli-Sani study. The study conducted in the Molise region of Italy, that consists of 25,000 participants.

Reduces The Risk Of Death 

Licia Iacoviello, a professor at the University of Insubria and director of the epidemiology department. It explains the therapeutic benefits of the chili have passed down through Italian food and culture. Iacoviello says that as earlier studies in the US and China have shown. No matter whichever part of the capsicum plant we eat, the protection values of the spice always stay there.

The research team now plans to scavenge for the biochemical mechanisms that make chili a wonder to our health. Duane Mellor, the dietitian, says although the study is fascinating. yet it fails to provide a link between the chili consumption and the health benefits. Mellor also said that it is plausible that the people on whom the research conducted. They may be eating some other healthy fruits and vegetables other than the chili peppers. He concluded that although it can add a tasty flavor to our food. Any direct effect in our health is likely to be minimal, and it is more likely to add a pleasant feeling to the feed.

Ian Johnson, a nutrition researcher, praised the study for its outstanding and unique research. He said that scientists failed to develop or establish a mechanism to support their research. They were unable to create the mechanism to explain the protective effects of the chili. Also, they didn’t clarify if eating more chili could provide more health benefits.

This study, although it fails to establish a mechanism as to how chillis prevent the heart stroke or how they provide better health, it still points out that the majority of people who had chili in their diet. We would leave that up to you to decide on which side you are until scientists come up with a mechanism to prove their study.

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