Facebook To Air Advertisement In Super Bowl For The First Time

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 Facebook has reportedly announced that it would air its first super bowl ad. The ad i expected to be aired during the big game in February or some time before it. For the first time in history, Facebook has stepped towards the super bowl game. The ad will be part of Facebook’s “More Together” campaign. The campaign launched in May 2019.

Facebook To Air In Super Bowl 

The campaign launched by Facebook to popularize Facebook Groups among the users. The campaign said to be the company’s company’s first major brand campaign since the last year. Facebook Inc. is all set to air its first commercial ad in the big game in February. Facebook is to run its ad during the Super Bowl game in February. The company bought a time slot for a 60- second ad to air its ad. The announcement expected to showcase the idea that though people divided through region or culture, they stand united on shared interests and experiences.

It launched the “More Together” campaign to promote its Facebook groups. The company launched the campaign firstly in the US. The campaign centered on platforms such as television and advertising platforms other than Facebook. It focuses on bringing people together on Facebook groups.


It showcases the fact that though people divided on various grounds like religion, region, country, etc., they are united together on the Facebook group based on their interests and experiences. The campaign focused on the connections made through other products. “More Together” campaign launched while keeping in mind that Facebook has already been prey to data breaches.

The company also introduced a new version of its app to emphasize people’s engagement on the Groups. And communities. It designed in such a way that it promotes group usage to a greater community of people. The company also said that it would make sure that during the campaign, the company would take measures to ensure that Facebook does not recommend users join the Groups for the sole purpose of spreading fake news. O

Facebook In Super Bowl 

A spokeswoman from the company said that the center of attention will be the showcasing that, how people from various backgrounds unite over shared interests and experiences, all through FaceBook groups.

The ad is supposed to feature cameo appearances by Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone. A cameo appearance is an appearance that features either a brief appearance or that person’s voice.

The campaign comes as a result of Facebook being under immense pressure. So because the company in past breaches data and hence is under regulation and the eye of regulatory authorities. The company faces pressure due to its repeated data breaches.

The super bowl is one of the most-watched American games. This game attracted 98 million viewers in 2019. That said, it’s one of the favourite games of the public.

Fox will broadcast the game in 2020, on its network. It reported that it sold all its advertising slots. The company sold its 30-seconds ad slot for more than $5 million, as published in November. Fox reported that it had sold the ad time for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV game much early than the last year. The game held in Miami on Feb 2.

Pop-Tarts, Hyundai are the other brands that will be running ads during the big game in February. Snickers is also said to return the game after two years. Snickers would be celebrating ten years of its campaign, “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

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