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Google Stadia Controller Mount Is Now Available On Your Smartphone

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If you are also playing games on Stadia, a premium game streaming service that lets you stream games from a gaming console or a PC to any Chrome web browser, you might be going through the trouble of holding your pixel device in hand. The service can be accessed on a Chromecast ultra tv dongle or a pixel 3 smartphone. The users have to go through the pain of holding the device in hands. By now, the users have been finding ways to safely mount the device onto something or to provide some support to the device.

Google Stadia Controller Mount 

Earlier, Google didn’t have the accessories to make playing the games an easy task. Just before the release of stadia, google told that the company was working on making little plastic support. The company called it “the claw.” You can mount your device on the claw and play your games without any problem.

Following the launch of Stadia, a month after it, Google has now launched the claw. The claw has been listed on Power Support’s website. It has been priced at $15.

Claw has officially been named as The Power Support Claw. It has been developed to mount and grip your device. It also has some space for you to plug in your headphones, in between the front prongs. The audio jack provided in the claw is 3.5 mm jack. As of now, the stadia controller and the pixel device can’t be connected over a Bluetooth connection. For that, you need to connect both the devices through a USB-c cable. The claw provides you with a port at the back, to join the Stadia controller with the Pixel 3 smartphone. You have to connect both the devices through cable C to play games.

Google Stadia

Although the claw isn’t available on the Power support website as of now, one can add it to the cart. The nail is also open on the Google play store, but you can’t, but it there. Google, in a statement, said that The Claw might make your Stadia controller while the plugin of the device or the removal. The claw may end up putting a scratch on your device. This is so because the Claw provides a firm and steady grip that doesn’t let the device go off quickly.

Stadia Controller Mount To Your Smartphone

It means that you can be sure shot of the device’s security, the device won’t fall from the loose grip of the claw, but it could suffer some harm from the installation or removal of the device from the Claw. However, getting a screen marked by an official accessory isn’t a good thing. Also, if you wish, you can use other controllers to play the game.

Google, along with this, had some more news for the users. The company announced that earlier, the stadia players who wanted to play the stadia games on TV, we’re able to play it only on Chromecast Ultra that came with stadia game. But now the players can play the games on any Chromecast Ultra.

Stadia is a game streaming service. It lets the users Chromecast the games from their PC to the pixel 3 smartphone or above, or a Chromecast ultra given with the stadia purchase. But now the company allows for any Chromecast ultra to play the game. The device is said to Chromecast the games at 4k up to 60 frames per second. The quality of the video streamed would entirely depend upon the variety of the internet. If the player uses a high-end network, he could experience a smooth game stream.

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