Google’s Texting Update On Android Is Similar To Apple iMessage

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Apple iMessage – Technology plays a crucial role in our life. It has made our life more straightforward with its new innovative inventions in every field. It has developed everybody through its new exciting devices. Earlier people used to work a lot to get a product, and it consumes a lot of time in getting the perfect output.

Google’s Texting Update

Through technology, we can easily communicate with people around the world; we can work out different plans quickly and many more, which has proved to be a success to our generation. Tech Giants, like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, have mainly worked on this increasing advance technology through the introduction of their messaging apps and many other advanced features.

Google initially founded by Larry Page, along with Sergey Brin, in the year 1998. It provides the users with the best internet facilitated products and improved search engines. Google has succeeded in introducing many new products comprising the latest technologies.


They have made products which include their innovative search engines, software comprising Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. They successfully introduced their first self has driven cars worldwide. That has been a masterpiece and milestone in the field of technology. In competing with other tech giants like Apple, Google is trying to keep a head-on competition to maintain their stability in the market.

Google has recently updated the Android’s messaging app, which works as similar to Apple iMessage app in the United States. This update is a part of Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS). An online protocol that replaces traditional SMS messaging that announced last month. Recently, Sanaz Azari, the Senior Director of Product and Design of Google has announced Rich Communication Services are available for all the users. They have to update both its Messages and Carriers Services.

Texting On Android Is Similar To Apple iMessage

To make conversations between users more seamless, Google has continuously worked. They work on upgrading their traditional SMS text messaging app with more useful chat features, powered by RCS. When two or more users message each other at a time using the latest introduced features, they can easily chat over Wifi or Mobile Data. They can send and receive high-resolution photos and videos. Also, check whether the people received their latest messages or not.

It also has facilities of having group chat, naming different groups, removing the group members, and check whether their message was delivered or not. Android users in the United States can now access the messaging app through wifi.

If the user has messages, then they will receive their new chat features in the upcoming weeks.  If you don’t have the Messages App, then you have to download it from the Playstore. It helps the user to experience with their latest chat features, which will provide an Android user the quality of Apple’s iMessage.

As a whole, it can conclude that Google has been trying to bring up many new latest updates on its products. With which it can maintain its level in the market. Apple is successful in providing its users with its latest technologies. Due to which they can experience with their exclusive advanced features in their products.

Apple’s iMessage has improved features through which the iPhone users have already started experiencing the features. Like Group Chat, Improved messaging quality, high-resolution pictures, and videos that were lately introduced by Google in their messaging app. The only advantage of Google over Apple will be since the number of Android users are much more than Apple users. So the new updates that are introduced by Google will be a great success all over the world.

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