LG Launching Its V60 ThinQ With 5G and Dual Screen At MWC 2020

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LG V60 ThinQ: As the year is ending, LG plans to launch its LG V60 ThinQ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 in Spain. Earlier in MWC 2019 they announced to launch LG G8 ThinQ and LG V50 ThinQ and did as they say. Now they had announced to launch its successor model at MWC. It is going to be an excellent product for all the LG customers at the end of the year.

LG V60 ThinQ With 5G 

Samsung and LG always promote their products, parallelly with different features and specifications. By the end of 2019, Samsung announced its launch of Galaxy S11 and a few more. Coming to LG, they announced to launch LG V60 ThinQ that uses free Stop Hinge Technology. It means the user of this smartphone can stop and hold the device at any angle.

In the present technology, all the smartphone companies are trying to introduce new foldable smartphones with unique features. Every company is working hard to get this foldable smartphone sooner into the market. LG and Samsung are trying to put their products soon in 2020.

According to the few sources from South Korea, LG at the end of the year planned to release LG V50 ThinQ successor with the name LG V60 ThinQ in Barcelona. Its features include 5G Connectivity similar to its earlier model and a Dual Screen. The showcase of its 5G connectivity smartphone expands its presence in the market. Also, the LG company is expecting to increase its products sale in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

The dual-screen option on this LG V60 ThinQ makes the user feel better experienced with their smartphone. It is going to be a great feature and likes by the customers. The battery capacity of the device is also high compared to the previous models of LG, like model LG G8X.

LG Launching Its V60 ThinQ With 5G and Dual Screen 

Samsung ready to ship its foldable smartphone in the coming year, and LG plans to send its dual-screen smartphone into the market. That is LG is introducing its dual-screen as it has the equipped upgraded folding structure. The specifications of the smartphone not yet revealed. Only the information on dual-screen and 5g Connectivity is out.

According to the earlier models, the users are expecting to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor. But this came true as they made the official announcement recently. The screen size is 6.2 inches in size and has an OLED display.

The main attraction of this LG V60 ThinQ is the dual-screen. That is one screen that acts as the main screen and the other as a virtual screen. In clear one can use the main screen to watch movies and the other used for browsing purposes or gaming. It is the most advanced technology being introduced by LG this year.

This dual-screen concept earlier introduced in its product LG G8X series. But it is the first time to enter the dual-screen mode in the LG V series.

Every time LG plans to release its G series at MWC. But this year they broked their tradition by announcing to launch LG V60 ThinQ with 5G Connectivity and dual-screen. Also, there is no news about the launch of the G series in the coming year.

So every year there are a lot of smartphones introduced to launch at MWC. For the next coming year, 2020 MWC conducted on 23rd February. Wait till date to know more another smartphone launch.

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