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Magic Leap’s next-generation Headset Far Away From Launch

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Magic Leap is one of the known companies in Augmented Reality (AR).  It provides headsets that can mount on the head. These headsets, when mounted on the head ad placed in front of eyes, create an image from a video. AR can define as a technology that creates an interactive experience between the user and the virtual world. AR technology combines the real and virtual world for real-time experience and accurate 3D creation of objects. This technology enhances the objects in the real world and creates a new image. In this way, this technology replaces the real-world from a user’s eyes with the stipulated one.

Magic Leap’s next-generation Headset

Magic Leap one has created an Augmented reality glass known as Magic Leap One Headset. This glass enhances the virtual image around you while letting you know what’s going o in the real world as well. These are light wear glasses which can get the mount on your head an enhance your virtual reality experience. The sale of it has started in a few cities.

Magic Leap

But the sales of Magic Leap’s One headsets are not able to meet its goals. The Company sold only 6000 headsets. The company’s vision about how things will work around them is far away from reaching their current capabilities.  CEO Rony claimed that he expected the sales would have been at least 100,000. It proves the Company is far away from reaching its goals. The early sales show that Magic Leap is nothing but a $2.6 Billion flop. The sales have been inadequate to such an extent that the company has started giving free units of Magic Leap’s One Headsets to its employees. These bad sales have haggard the company.

In recent news reports, it claimed that the company has started losing some of its employees. Newly appointed Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai had left the company in the past. Pichai’s position has been taken up by Jennifer Fitzpatrick, who is Vice President of Google Maps. The company to meet its costs has started meeting some measures such as cutting short on work travel of its employees. Also, the company has tried to slow down the pace at which it would hire new employees.

Magic Leap’s Headset To Launch

Magic Leap, in its defense, has said that all these rumors trashed with erroneous comments and inaccurate data. He says that the Company is all about particular creators and Computing Enthusiastic. Magic Leap hasn’t talked about the numbers specifically anywhere officially. Magic Leap has been facing public disenchantment for this, and it’s facing fierce competition from the other companies such as FaceBook, Microsoft as they are also interested in making AR glasses.

The company has launched its next-generation headset: Magic Leap’s Two Headset. Magic Leap CEO Rony has said that his company has partnered with AT&T to provide this next generation headset with a 5G facility. This new headset expected to have a full field of view (earlier the company was criticized for One headset as the users said that the field view is smaller than what the company had promised). These new headsets are expected to use light hardware and would come in different color variants. From the recent numbers and reports, we can say that the new Headset sales are at least two years away from now due to “technology constraints.”

The Company might be in great danger if the sales of its headsets fail as the company had already consumed a significant amount of capital. This amount was huge enough to serve two startups. So the company might be in great fiscal danger if the sales fail.

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