Sonos Wireless System

Make Your Wired Home Stereo Into a Sonos Wireless System

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Sonos Wireless System – Sonos has launched a Sonos port priced at $399. It’s an upgraded version of the Sonos Connect, which priced at $349. Sonos port is a new product by Sonos, a more versatile one than its previous version. Like the Sonos Connect, Sonos port lets you control your home sound system. Sonos Port connects to the stereo or the receiver.

Sonos Wireless System

After being connected, it lets you control your home sound system you have, like a Sonos system. Sonos sound system can be controlled remotely through a mobile app. You can avail the same facility by the use of Sonos port. Just plugin the Port into your stereo or receiver, and you can control you exist home sound system like a Sonos sound system. Or you can connect the Sonos port to a CD player, and you can stream the sound to one of the existing Sonos speakers.

Sonos Wireless System

Sonos port supports AirPlay 2. However, its precedent, Connect, doesn’t help it. Airplay 2 is a music streaming service by Apple. It lets users stream music from their phone to different speakers in a room. It also allows the users to play some different music in each speaker in the room. By using this service, users can also stream videos if they have Airplay compatible smart TVs. Sonos port, along with supporting Airplay, has a better built-in Digital to analog converter for a better experience than the Sonos Connect.

The Sonos Connect had an unconventional design. Whenever it connected to a device, it used to stick out. However, it is not the same case with the Sonos Port. Sonos Port comes with a perfect finish and a fascinating design. It means that you can plug in the Port, without thinking twice.

Sonos Port looks like a component of your sound system. Apart from having a much better design than its precedent, Sonos Port is much versatile than it. Sonos port supports AirPlay 2. It makes it easy for users to stream music from their iPhones or Macbooks. The Port used to create a multi-room music system as AirPlay lets you stream different kinds of music through the various speakers simultaneously.

Wired Home Stereo Into a Wireless System

The most exciting part is yet to come. The Sonos Port comes with a 12-volt trigger. Although only new stereos and receivers support the 12- volt trigger, yet for those who support, it’s going to be a blast for them. You don’t need to manually turn the sound system on or off through a remote.

Whenever you stream the music through your device, everything automated. That said, when you start to stream music, the device will automatically turn on, and whenever you stop streaming, the Port will turn it off. You don’t need to turn it off or on manually.

The Sonos port comes with a considerable investment; $ 400 for just a plugin device is expensive. Even Sonos port doesn’t feature a built-in amp just like Sonos amp. It means that you can only use the Sonos port on devices that have amp for amplification. It can be used only on those active speakers with an amp. For those who do not have it, you need to put it externally. The Port is a two- way component system. You will also require an additional RCA cable.

If you have some speakers who have receivers in them or a CD player with a receiver, you might think about buying this. Although the device is quite expensive, it does what it promises to do. It connects your speaker and turns it into a wireless Sonos speaker system.

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