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Mcdvoice Survey – mcdonald’s Customer Survey Questions

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Mcdonalds, the world’s largest fast-food eatery, has organized the McdVoice survey to hear from you. The company aims to hear from you about the eatery and you in return for your valuable opinion, you can win a coupon.

What is the McD voice survey?

The Mcdonalds wants to learn what you think about them. Through this survey, you can share your experience about your recent visit to the store. Just enter the 26 digit survey id present on your receipt, and you can begin taking the survey. Answer all the questions honestly, and you can win a coupon. You can take this survey five times a month. The Mcdvoice survey id gets expired after 30 days.

mcdonald’s food survey Benefits

When you take the survey, you let the company listen, what you think about them. The Mcdvoice feedback survey rewards you for providing your valuable opinion. They give you a coupon that redeemed for future purchases at any location across the country.

Also, when a company makes a significant decision, it makes them based on your opinion. So make sure you give your impartial advice.

McDonald's Survey

Mcdvoice Survey Questions

You asked questions based on your experience. Below we have included some aspects on which the questions asked.

  • At the first question, you asked what type of order you placed?
  • How satisfied were you with the behavior of staff, your order, food quality, efficiency of the staff?
  • Are you okay with the cleanliness of the shop, the overall value of the food you paid the price for?
  • After this, you asked if you will visit the restaurant next, or how likely you are to recommend it to your near ones.
  • At last, you asked your favorite eatery.

FAQs On McDonald’s online Survey

I am 16 years of age, can I take part?

Yes. To take part in the survey, the entrant must be either 15 years of age or more.

Will there be any sweepstakes?

No. the moment you take the survey, you are eligible to get your coupon. The coupon provided to you at the end of the survey.

How many times a month can I participate in the survey?

You can take this survey five times in a month. Five times a month is per person limit to take the survey.

I live in Australia, can I participate in the survey?

No. The McDVoice survey mentioned to the residents of either the USA or Canada. Any survey taken outside from the areas other than the mentioned areas would be void.

Are my details safe with the company?

Yes, the company takes exceptional care of its customers. Your details matter a lot and are of great importance.

Where can I redeem the coupon?

The coupon redeemed at any restaurant across the country where the survey is permitted.

If I lose my coupon code, can I get the coupon later?

No. Once you lose your coupon code, you won’t be able to redeem it.

What questions asked in the survey?

The questions were based on your recent visit to the restaurant.

Do I need to purchase something from the eatery to take the survey?

To take the survey, you must have a receipt of your recent to the Mcdonalds. So if you don’t have one, you will have to make a purchase.

How old can the receipt be to take the survey?

The receipt shall not older than 30 days to take the survey.

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