Next Oneplus Phone May Be A Device Unlike Anything Else

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Oneplus – The Consumer Technology Association organizes Consumer Electronics Show every year at the Convention Centre of Las Vegas, Nevada, the U.S.A. The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the shows, held on a global scale. Companies all around the world take part in the show to announce their new products in the market.

Next Oneplus Phone 

Similarly, the Smartphone manufacturing Company Oneplus teased the release of a new product. Which unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in the year 2020. It is not clear what the new product would exactly be, but, according to estimation, the new product could be a new Smartphone. If it would be a new Smartphone, then it would most probably be one of the one plus eight phone ranges, estimated to release soon.

The Chinese company has also tried its luck in the sale of Television sets as well, so it is hard to tell what the new product would be. But eventually, the Chinese Smartphone vending company has a more extensive consumer base for its Smartphone. Oneplus Smartphones are the most favored of all products of the company. So, the chances of the mystery product to turn out to be another of the one plus Smartphones are more than anything and launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020.


The new Smartphone would be one of its kinds. The most probable reason to its uniqueness would be that the one plus would release its oneplus concept one Smartphones. Earlier this year, two big companies like- Meizu and Vivo released their versions like Meizu Zero and Vivo Apex, respectively. They were both focussed on the future generation of Smartphones in terms of their hardware. They had larger displays, no buttons, and also no port or jack.

It is still not clear what the new Concept one phones will look like. But they surely will the stepping stone for the latest prototype of technology. As per the notion of Never Settle, which the one plus company follows, they are bringing a whole new genre of technology. But, any company its products have also seen some downs in the market.

Next Oneplus Phone A Device Unlike Anything Else

The Oneplus 8 series of smartphones the one plus, oneplus eight lite, and the oneplus eight pros were opposite of the promise oneplus company. It made its consumers know about the quality of the product and led to the disappointment of the customers. These phones had the rating of IP53 for its resistance to water. Whereas other Smartphones, which are its competitors in the market, provide the rating of IP67 and IP68 for water resistance.

The oneplus eight series did not support wireless or reverse wireless features for mobile charging, which was a standard feature for the Smartphones with the same technology. The Concept one series of Smartphones by oneplus would be the best in class Smartphones in terms of high-end technology. The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer promises to deliver and would not be compromising with the demands of the user.

Users have a long list of requirements that they want the Concept one series to fulfill. The list goes like larger displays, flexibility, portability, durability, and fastest connectivity.  That includes Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity as well, no network issues, longer battery life, and less power consumption, less charging time, more storage capacity, and also resistance to all types of liquid. Now, we can wait to see the Concept one would be able to possess the above- mentioned requirements. Or do we have to ‘Never Settle’ with the oneplus Smartphones?

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