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On Android 10 the “device admin apps” remotely wipe or lock phone

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Along with cool features as gesture control, sound amplifier, limiting the location access to apps, Android 10 comes with a fantastic feature. It comes with a built-in feature f “find my device.” So before the launch of Android 10, this option needed to be turned on separately for this function to work. But in Android 10, it turns out that even if you have not turned this option on, Android 10 will still be able to perform this function and make sure that your device and its data, both are safe.

Android 10 – “device admin apps.” 

This feature can be useful to you when you lose your phone or drop it at someplace. Previously, before the release of the android 10, when the phone isn’t with you, if you have turned this option on, you can remotely wipe the data on your phone, or lock it. That’s right. Even though you are not physically present there to do this, but if you have turned this feature on, you can remotely, without having physical access to your phone, can erase all the data, lock it as well.

Android 10

In the previous version of Android, the complicated settings were the same. An option in security, then Find My Device, which turned on by default, and there a second option as Device admin apps, which required to turn on manually to remotely erase the data on your phone and lock your device. While on Andoird 10, you don’t need to take care of all this. In the latest update, your device will have your back.

Google says that the devices running software as Android P or below it, are required to update their software. So the latest version contains the system-level- APIs which are required to remotely access the device to erase the data or to lock it. On devices working on Android 10, the device admin app setting does not need to be enabled.

Remotely wipe or lock the phone

Android 10, takes care of your data’s privacy and your full control over it, make sure that you don’t lose control over your data. It helps you monitor and track, that what data you stored and how much it stored. You can also monitor for how long the device has access to your data and if it saves it on the cloud storage.

Google, apart from this, has taken care of your location access. You can have full control over giving any app to access your current location. In the previous version, you either gave an app permission to access your location or you denied it. But in the latest update, you can control how long the app uses your location. You can control it through the following options. With the help of “Allow all the time,” you can let the app use the area every time. If you want to limit the usage of location data by the app, choosing “allow only when in use” will let the app use location data only when the app is in use. You can also choose to deny permission to access your location data by selecting ” deny.”

Along with these tight security features, Android 10 lets its users enable dark mode, useful for saving battery consumption, people having adverse nature towards high bright lights. With the help of a Sound amplifier, you can minimize the background usage. Also, you can enhance the sound on your device for a better experience.

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