Pokemon Go Niantic Partners Works with Qualcomm To Create AR glasses

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In the current days, almost every company is producing smart wearable glasses. Apple is working to build a wearable glass. Similarly, Facebook is also working on a pair. Niantic, the company which created the Pokemon Go, has partnered with Qualcomm, one of the leading processor chips producers, to make AR glasses. Qualcomm announced at its tech summit in Hawaii. Niantic is the face behind the games such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Ingress, and Pokemon Go.

Niantic Partners with Qualcomm Creates AR glasses

A software development company based in California. The company is known for its famous productions like Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go. The company was found in 2010 under Google as Niantic Labs. It became an independent company in 2015.

Qualcomm incorporated as a Semiconductor and telecommunications equipment producing company. Qualcomm creates and markets wireless telecommunication services. It gets its revenue from chipmaking and patent licensing. The company established n 1985 before it named QUALity COMMunications.

Unlike the previous headsets like HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap, which were quite expensive. It seems like Qualcomm and Niantic have planned to make these new AR glasses to be pocket-friendly. Niantic is already a well-established company in the field of phone-based AR. The company has an AR system known as the Niantic Real World Platform on which games like Pokemon Go and Ingress run. Niantic also funds the developers to create location-based AR apps.

Pokemon Go

AR or Augmented reality uses computer technology to create an image of real-world objects on the screen.  Through this, users can have an interactive experience in an environment that is created by images of real-world objects. These images enhanced by various sensors devices such as VR, olfactory. It combines the real world and the virtual world with the use of sensors. It also helps the users to interact between both the real world and the virtual world.

Pokemon Go Creates AR glasses

It also creates an accurate 3D image of real-world objects and virtual world objects. The experience designed in such a manner it seamlessly connected with the real world. That one has an immersive effect in the artificial environment. Its primary focus is to enhance the impact of the synthetic world. In such a manner that it enhances the user’s perception. This technology used to amplify natural environments. It offers stipulated settings which are artificially created and provide the user with an improved experience. As if all the actions are happening in the real world.

AR uses AR cameras, which are nowadays built on smartphones as well. These cameras gather information about the real world, the objects in it. This camera collects the data and sends it to the various sensors for enhancement. However, one shall be careful while using these AR glasses as they have increased vehicular collisions and sometimes fatality.

It has done to bring games on the AR glasses and enhance the player’s experience. On Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 platform, which is a successor to its previous model XR1. Both of them designed for the use of AR and VR. The new model XR2 will come with the latest features, such as 5G connectivity and voice-based interaction. It would also feature eye-tracking.

XR2 a significant upgrade to its previous information. It would allow for excellent graphics and resolution. It would support seven consecutive cameras for better interaction. AR feature translation on the go and recognition of objects. We could expect the release of the product in the second half of 2020.

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