PUBG Game Play Soon Coming on Playstation – 4

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PUBG on Playstation – 4: PUBG is an online battle game. It developed and published by the company PUBG Corporation which is a unit of South-Korean company Bluehole. The game based on a Japanese film battle royale released in the year 2000. PUBG was conceptualized and designed by Breandan Greene, who is also known by his gaming handle as PlayerUnknown. It, also known as PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds, is coming on Sony’s Playstation PS4 on December 7th.

PUBG Soon Coming on Playstation – 4

PUBG has already graced other platforms such as Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS, and android. The game is all set t be launched on PS4 as well. The game would release on December 7th, 2019, at midnight IST.  Also, for the other regions, the game would be released at the same time and date according to their local time zones.

Many versions of the game released, namely: PUBG Looter’s Edition priced at Rs. 2750(US$30), Champion’s Edition at Rs.3999 (US$60), Survivor’s edition at Rs. 2750(US$50).

The download size of the game is 33.51 MB. The size could differ according to the regions on factors such as language packs. One can pre-order the game on PS4. While pre-ordering it, you also get the items such as PUBG mirage theme, PUBG avatar, etc.


The gameplay of the game remains unchanged as compared to the previous versions. In this version of the game, up to 100 players land from the parachutes on a large map. The plane’s path for a flight on the map varies with round. The players are to determine what the best time would be to eject from the aircraft. These players can choose clothing and cosmetics etc. However, this doesn’t affect the game at all.

Upon landing, one can go to buildings, shops, and schools. Here one has to hunt for grenades, guns, and armor. These are distributed randomly to the players, and it kills the enemies once you cross them. One can choose the weapons at the starting of the game. The playable area of the map also gets shrinking with the increase in time. Also, until you relocate yourself, you are continuously being damaged. When you fail to reach a safe zone, you would be dead.

PUBG on Playstation – 4

While the match is going on, some parts of the map are marked in red and bombed. It poses a threat to the players who are in the highlighted area. And if you’re the last one alive in the game, you’re declared as the winner. At the end of every round, you get an in-game currency that one can use to buy accessories and dress his character.

The PS4 version comes with various upgrades like HDR. It would mean that the players can experience more excellent resolution and a high frame rate.

For playing PUBG on PS4, you would require a PlayStation Plus (PS Plus), which is Sony’s multiplayer service needed for online games. One can’t play PUBG on PS without this. It is not like Fortnite or Destiny 2, games that played without the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscription. For PS Plus Subscription, you don’t have to use your debit card or credit card. Sony has introduced PS Plus cards in India for the purchase of PS Plus subscription. These PS Plus cards are available in two different denominations, and the validity of both the purchases are valid for a different time. The first one priced at Rs.1869. The subscription purchased through this is valid for three months—similarly, another one priced at Rs. 4,439. The subscription bought through this lasts for one year.

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