Qualcomm ARM Mid Range Snapdragon Processors For Windows

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Qualcomm aiming high for windows powered ARM-chips for years as of now. The company, at its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii, has announced ARM-based chipsets, namely SnapDragon 8C and 7c.  These two chips have been designed for windows powered laptops. These two chips would add up to the ARM-based chip’s processor for windows laptops. The two chips created a view in mind to meet the requirements of the low budget Microsoft laptops.

The 8c processor would be a replacement for SnapDragon 850 processor. It is a second-generation chip by Qualcomm. Meanwhile, 7c is a brand new product launched to meet the low budget hardware requirement of windows. 8cx launched last year will also be available for those who want full efficacy from their devices.

Qualcomm ARM Processors For Windows

Qualcomm 8c consists of an octa-core Kryo 490 CPU, X24 LTE modem, and Adreno 675 GPU.  SnapDragon 8c processor would provide electric device performance of up to 30% as compared to 850 processor. This processor comes with 5G connectivity, WIFI 6, and offers 9 OTOPS of AI acceleration. Qualcomm 8c made of 7nm. This processor also comes with an X24 GB LTE modem to feature fast downloads. Qualcomm 8c features dual 4K display, which would mean that the users can now experience the unique and picturesque quality of screen graphics. The X24 LTE modem promise to deliver the download speed of 7Gbps (only when the devices and the hardware are compatible enough to support it).

Meanwhile, the SnapDragon 7c processor comes with a bit low efficient CPU (as compared to 8c processor). It comes with a Kryo 468 CPU along with a 618 GPU. This chipset built on 8nm would be less efficient than Qualcomm 8c processor. 7c processor also has an X15 LTE modem, which will give a download speed of 800mbps but not Gbps as in 8c processor.

Also, with this low-cost processor, the users will have a long battery life of the notebooks. Like the previous chips made by Qualcomm for PCs, these chipsets would provide facilities such as an instant resume. Like the earlier models, they will always be on and still be active to ensure the seamless and smooth functioning of the notebook.


The brand has quoted the price for the SnapDragon 8c processor in the range of $500(Rs 35,000 approx.) and $600(Rs 43,000 approx.). The price quoted for the SnapDragon 7c processor is $400(Rs 29,000 approx.).

Although these chipsets have designed with all the latest features, like the ability to connect super fast with the new 5G technology and with the latest modems to download the data real quick on cellular data, software compatibility is another issue which shall be in mind. Either the incompatibility or the complete lack of software would be a considerable obstacle for the company to solve.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors

Although the 8c processors announced about a year ago, no company has shipped the notebooks containing 8c processors. The nearest we got to was the Microsoft Surface Pro X, which also suffered bugs and crashes. This device uses a Microsoft friendly processor, which a variant of 8cx. The device suffered huge bugs and crashes. Although SnapDragon has already stretched its legs to provide its chipsets all the facilities possible, yet Windows can’t only rely on the hardware itself. Windows has to put in efforts to improve in the software area as well. It shall convince the coders for it.

While we’re would be seeing notebooks powered with SnapDragon 8cx, Snapdragon 8c, and Snapdragon 7c processors in the year 2020, these processors are a bit slow in adaption with PCs.

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