Sony’s First PS4 Exclusives Games On PCs – Sony Playstation 4

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Sony PS4: Yes, you heard it correctly. One of your favorite games on PS4 is now available for you on PC. Sony has announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment, Major League Baseball Players Association(MLBPA), and Major League Baseball have joined hands for the extension of their existing partnership.

Sony’s First PS4 On PCs

It also announced that this expansion would bring MLB, for the first time, to additional platforms other than PlayStation. The release of MLB on different platforms could be anytime in 2021. In MLB The Show 20, the San Diego Studio will commemorate the 15 Anniversary of the game. It will feature special promotions and new gameplay features.

Sony has said that its MLB the Show would be coming on platforms other than PlayStation like Xbox One and PC. Sony, apart from bringing MLB, would also be bringing additional games to various platforms. Games like Predator: Hunting Grounds would also feature and God Of War on pc but not on Xbox, but it would be there on other platforms. Sony won’t follow Microsoft’s pattern, and it will not bring all the games to the PC.

For years, San Diego Studio has been developing MLB games for PlayStation 4.  In 2021, it would change. Sony Interactive Entertainment will produce and publish games that would release on various platforms.


Sony Interactive Entertainment, a video game and digital entertainment owned by a Japanese Sony Corporation. It founded in Tokyo in 1993 for the development of PlayStation systems. After the launch of the original PlayStation console in 1994, the company has developed a series of game consoles and accessories. The company manages research, production, and development of both hardware and software for Sony PS4. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a developer and publisher of video game titles. The company had, along with game PlayStation consoles, had launched a PlayStation Portable, which had significant reformations such as a better quality LCD, smaller screens and featured lightweight bodies with more internal memory.

First PS4 Exclusives Games On PCs

PlayStation a video gaming brand produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony PS4 has four gaming consoles, the fifth one scheduled for the release in 2020.  If we look into the sales, Sony PlayStation 2, which released in 2020, is the bestselling unit, of which 155 million units sold at the end of 2012. PlayStation 4 was the fastest-selling unit, selling a million units within a day. The PlayStation Network is an online service. It has a virtual market, the PlayStation Store, which allows the users to purchase and download multimedia. PlayStation Store is available to the users of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4.

While purchasing multimedia, one can use both physical currency and a PlayStation Network Card. Only those users who have a subscription to PlayStation Plus can buy the media. PlayStation Mobile software that provides the PlayStation content on mobile. PlayStation features a service in which gamers can connect socially. This service is known as PlayStation Home.

Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego Studio: A video game development company, established by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The company has produced many games like MLB The Show, NBA series, The Mark of Kri, Sports Champions.

Platform exclusivity is the status of a video game.  If a video game is a platform exclusive, it means that video game is created for a specific platform only and would not run on any other platform. This exclusivity could either be permanent, temporary or timed. In a timed exclusivity, when the exclusivity period ends, the games can be accessed on various platforms.

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