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ToTok – In earlier days, sending messages was one of the most challenging tasks for the people. There was only one way available, which is by sending letters from one place to another. But this service was so costly that the poor and middle-class people could hardly afford it. There was no means of communication due to which people could not send messages to their closed ones across the world.

ToTok A Spy Tool

Although the telephone served as a communication medium for the people, due to its high cost and low unavailability, hardly anyone could use it for communication. The phones were only available in several offices for their purpose, and very few telephone booths were present in the city.

There were only many letterboxes available everywhere, which served to be the only medium of communication. But slowly the situation started improving by the introduction of mobile phones. It serves as a medium for both messaging and calling people.all over the world.


Then it took a rapid change with the introduction of many messaging apps named Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangout, Twitter, and many more, which have made the task for the users more easier.

With the help of these messaging apps, people could connect their dear ones socially across the world. It is pocket-friendly, and it doesn’t consume much time in reaching the messages to the people.

Like other messaging apps available, ToTok is a messaging app that is popular all over the United Arab Emirates. Recently it revealed by the UAE Government that ToTok is nothing but a spy messaging app. It used by the Intelligence agencies in UAE to track citizen’s conversations and movements.

Earlier this app launched and downloaded by millions of citizens in UAE  as the Western messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger partially blocked. It provided fast, free, and secure call and messaging services. That attracted many users in the Middle East and other countries. It became so popular that it became the most downloaded app by the people of the United States last week.

But after many investigations by the US intelligence officials and its analysis. It reported that through the messaging app ToTok the UAE government is trying to spy directly on the people.

ToTok Chatting App A Spy Tool

Citizens who used this app for sharing the messages, pictures, and videos, and even their location to their closed ones, tracked by the UAE government with the help of  Emirati intelligence.

A report from the New York Times said that this is one of the most advanced means to spy on people. There are many governments of different countries which hack some of the user’s accounts frequently. They do this to retrieve their information in a systematic way. They don’t spy on people like the UAE government.

It said that the company runs the app ToTok is Breej Holding. It is a part of a  cybersecurity firm in Abu Dhabi named DarkMatter. This app also connected to a  UAE data-mining firm Pax AI, which shares its duties with the Emirates’ signals intelligence agency.

Breed Holding, DarkMatter, and the UAE government have not yet answered the media about the spying of the app, but Google and Apple have removed the app ToTok from the Playstore and Appstore. The FBI also revealed that they always want to ensure the users remain aware of the potential risks and vulnerabilities. These following apps pose that.

As a whole,  it is unworthy of the  UAE government to spy on its citizens through their app. It nearly accounts for an offense as it hampers someone’s privacy.

The decisions taken by Google and Apple to remove the app is. Apps that are paying on the people should delete as it intrudes into someone’s privacy, which is an offensive task.

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