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Ways To Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Is On Its Way

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It has only been a few days when we heard MacBook users complaining about a pop sound whenever a media file stopped playing on their device. Microsoft is back with its series of broken fixes. In November only, Microsoft released an update for its Windows 10. However, this update bought another problem. The search tool is the file explorer in Windows 10 said to have some issues, which still not fixed. Yes, even after an update in November, Microsoft was still unable to fix this problem.

Windows 10 File Explorer 

File Explorer is a tool, which enables you to rampage through your files and folders located in your hard disk. It comes with a search bar that lets you look for your data within the drive or folder quickly. Microsoft deems it to be fit, to hamper with the search box in November 2019 update. Microsoft included a feature that enabled its users to scavenge the files within their local storage and the cloud storage, OneDrive as well.

Windows 10

The update all though added this function, but in return, it hampered the search bar as well. Users have complained that after the new update, whenever they use the search box, the window freezes, it becomes unresponsive. Users have also complained about the inability to use right-click facility and paste text in the search bar when they are doing so with a mouse.

File Explorer is a relevant part of Windows 10. Microsoft has not done a good job by introducing problems in it. And the problem has begun after the November 2019 update, and still, Microsoft has not been able to manage the mess. However, the good news is although the update has bugs, Microsoft has eventually been working on to fix this problem.

Microsoft is to release an update in early 2020, Windows 10 20 H1. We are hoping that Microsoft manages to fix the problem in its update. Build 19013, which windows’ previous update, sent to software testers days before the update released in November 2019. It means that Microsoft, despite knowing the fact that the update has problems, instead of fixing it, published it for the public.

Ways To Fix Windows 10 File Explorer 

Microsoft has fixed the problem of users not being able to use the right-click in the search bar. So in Windows 10, 20 H1 users find their issues with the file explorer to resolve. Although to get their problems fixed, users have to wait for some time. Also, users don’t seem to be happy with Microsoft’s update.

Along with the resolved issue of file search in the file explorer, Windows 10 20H1 brings in some cool features. Window’s new update will bring in a modern look. This transformation confirmed, though, yet it has hinted to, so we can expect the latest update to change the look.

The new-look supposed to be curved on the edges instead of the sharp one, as in the current Windows 10. This transformation would enhance the user desktop interface. It would provide more space for apps and icons on the desktop screen. Also, the new update allows you to rename your virtual desktops. Whenever you create a virtual desktop, it gets named as Desktop 1, Desktop2.

It becomes a bit messy for users to remember which space dedicated to which purpose. Microsoft has resolved this issue. It lets you rename them and be more explicit about the space you have created a virtual desktop. Windows Hello is a feature that enables users to sign on into the device by facial recognition, which works in coordination with this service. But Microsft, in its update, may require you not to enter your password, although it requires you to enter the password with facial recognition or fingerprint scanners.

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