Update WhatsApp – Block A Bug From Deleting The Group Chat

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WhatsApp is one of the leading social media sites available for all Android as well as iPhone users. The best features of WhatsApp provides the facility of voice calls and video calls. Recently, WhatsApp launched the function of end to end encryption of chats. According to a survey conducted in the year 2017, around 1.5 billion active users connected with WhatsApp. Every day an unbelievable amount of 65 million text messages sent via WhatsApp. A large population of 400 million people in India is the customers of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Update 

With such a large user base, the Social media platform cannot have bugs and issues. Therefore, WhatsApp discovered a flaw in its system, which posed a threat of permanently deleting the history of chats by another person. For fixing the bug, the app updated altogether to avoid the user’s discomfort.

The bug was discovered earlier this year in August by the trusted firm of cybersecurity, the Check Point Software Technologies. The cybersecurity experts disclosed that bug programmed in such a way that permitted the hackers to send users text messages. That has viruses and malicious codes would delete the threads of messages/chats when opened. They can cause more serious harm than just deleting messages. WhatsApp is not limited to only personal use but is also often used for professional purposes. So, if in case the hacker hacks into the expert group of a user and hacks the messages and retrieves essential work-related information. Then that would prove to be highly malicious to the user.


These bugs can also cause a financial loss if in case the users have shared financial information through WhatsApp chats. These bugs delete chat history, and after the event re-establishing communication through WhatsApp becomes impossible. Because of the importance of the messaging app in our day-to-day life, the fact that it crashed by bugs and not be safer anymore like a nightmare. Most of the users have half of their work operated through WhatsApp. So, it would be hard to afford any bugs in its system. WhatsApp had to fix the bug so that its user base does not get affected.

WhatsApp Blocks A Bug From Deleting The Group Chat

As precautionary measures, the users asked to delete the app and then re-install the updated version of the app. Then remove any such groups or text messages that pose a threat to the user’s security on the social media app. The result is the updated version of the app is more secure and has all the issues resolved. The updates are available for Androids as well as iPhones.

To be on the safer side, the user should always pay attention to certain things. Like, do not share contact number with random people carelessly. Do not open messages or links sent by unknown numbers. Also, do not get involved in arbitrary groups. If in case you are receiving such random/hidden messages, then delete them. Report the number and WhatsApp will take care of that. Also, the user should always download the app from a trusted source and not from a random unauthorized website. Android users can download the app from the Google App Store. iPhone users can download it from the App Store.

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